Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I Needed an Intern to Make Why I Want an Intern:by Allison

So I am very new to blogging, like half a day new. Very not new to writing a whole lot about whatever in the world is in my head, and seriously the world limits on Facebook or even the daunting lengths of my emails were chafing. And I am not computer illiterate or afflicted, but I was stymied by how to set this up, how it should look, I dithered and dathered like my youngest daughter picking out shoes.

 Really awesome friend gave me awesome detailed instructions, which when I followed them, were super easy, so I am all, I'm in business now. Except designing the thing.

Usually I am quite opinionated about anything aesthetic, and I either like it or not, and I know this right away and that's that. But for this I was like a lunatic changing fonts and colors and backgrounds and templates and perservorating and wasting a whole bunch of time that I could have been reading or something fun.

Finally I just went with what I kind of liked best, and my sister is sending me links to sites to make really lovely fancy pages, but somehow I am not ready for that yet? Baby steps? Fear that I will enter into page designing and never ever leave this computer chair and miss hair appointments and run out of tea? Unknown.

See, this is why I need an intern, an intern would totally give me like five perfect ones to choose from and it would be done. Instead, I am stuck with myself, and I am a very bad intern (I have historical evidence of this very fact that I will share later, but it is true, I am terrible intern.)