Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So, Oops I Did It Again, Again? Discovering World's Most Trivial Problems is Becoming A Thing, by Allison

A new World's Most Trivial Problem! 

I have become an expert in this field , 
which I guess is another new World's Most Trivial Problem. 

I wish I had a slightly less specific skill set , 
but anyway .

So, it's not actually tragic to leave one's Fitbit

 ( Which?  Isn't even cute.
I hate informative jewelry.
It isn't  even jewelry anyway ) 
at home when one is at the gym .

Unless you are me. 

Then it becomes existential tree falling unheard in the "but I did two really hard gym classes and have no proof of it!" forest . 

And I take photos , 
to I guess show my Fitbit later ?

And then am alarmed by myself .

Not that alarmed , but still. 

Being taunted by my youngest daughter
  ( who wore her Fitbit all day and it was gym and orchestra day,
 so she was impressing her Fitbit )
 happily : "how many steps did you get really? I beat you by lunchtime!"

And by my oldest, with deadpan sarcasm : " mom, if you didn't wear your Fitbit , 
how do we even know you went to the gym? 
We can't really know."

Only underscored the height ( depth ) of my nonsensical nonsense.

And this is waayyy too short to be a proper post . 

Am thinking I might need to get an intern .