Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maybe a bad idea? A Conundrum: by Allison

 So the girls and I are in the car and as bad luck would have it, no good songs on radio. Unusual, as I like lots of stuff, but sometimes happens. Because I am addled with lack of sleep due to late night fun party and early morning gym, I teach the girls the joy of either yodeling or singing "Meow" instead of lyrics to tune of song if the song displeases you...

.Immediate total fun, we yodel and/or meow to Foo Fighters (sorry, Matt), Pet Shop Boys, and my mortal enemy, Norah Jones.

But then, good song comes on, and I realize what I have done. Telling the girls to stop with the noise because this is a good song results in, "yodelaheehoo" or "meow."

So then my already addled mind comes up with, "Girls? You think this is fun? I know lots of other really fun stuff, and I won't teach any of it to you if you do not obey the rules and only yodel or meow during bad songs. So hush and let's listen to Redemption Song."

And it works! Ha! Am writing Good Mommy Magazine right now.