Monday, June 25, 2012

Pop Quiz, Hotshot, Lunatic Children Edition: by Allison

So our wonderful and fantastic babysitter is on vacation this week, and luck of the Irish (Matt's people, mine wore kilts) one of the girls' swim team coaches was able to fit us in to her schedule to help with the girls. This coach is not only former superstar swimmer turned coach, she is extra super gorgeous, nice, blonde, better than a Disney Princess. So what do my girls do when she comes over?
A) Run around like wild animals, thus making the dogs, both the good dog and the bad dog, act like even wilder animals

B) Pull out every toy they own, ever, including board games with tiny pieces

C) For some reason take out their baby books and then embarrassing photo albums of me at like, prom, or

D) All of the above.

I wholeheartedly am an Essay Person over Multiple Choice (I've got one, and probably another daughter on my team, Matt and V are distinct multiple choice, which is nonsense as there is no discussion, how can you even begin?) but this particular situation lends itself to Multiple Choice. Because the answer is obvious, and also I have now written the essay anyway.