Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Old-School House Party Beach Week Untethered Joy Music, by Allison and M the six year old stylist

So this has been a favorite dancy, super-summery, carefree, zap me back in time song on my list of Seal of Approval Songs, determined by me and M the six year old stylist.  And has been in my head a ton in the past week, hearing it makes me think of beach weeks in high school and college with ten majillion of us crammed into one house or car, and old-school house parties in general.

So Approved songs get video review by me and M, and yay! Not only house party song, with surprise random 1980's aerobics in there (which TOTALLY gives me new flash mob idea), but summery, feeling like a kid, happy, dancing, joyous vibe that makes me all whee! yay!  thinking of my older girls at camp right now, I bet they are feeling that untethered, bubbling up happiness, yay happy whee.  Walk the Moon-