Monday, August 6, 2012

Quiet, Lyrical Song Turning Thrashy Awesome Whee Yay, A Silent Film, by Allison

So this song by A Silent Film is one of those start off slow and lovely and lyrical then turn fun thrashy awesome dance yay. Have been having fun working it into the car dance rotation as well as dance-offs with M the six year old stylist and overall love it, gets gold star.

Also like the story-song type of song, unless it is a story-song in a sad country music song in which a lot of dying or living like you were dying or such is happening (Note: I cannot process George Jones' "He Stopped Loving Her Today." That song kills me, flat out crying every time I hear it, starting from age 7 or whatever.)

So this song from A Silent Film is not a story-durge, is lovely and fun and whee yay.

Danny, Dakota and the Wishing Well!

First is official music video, in which you can feel the quiet ramp up into the awesome. I also included an acoustic version with just a piano and the drummer thwacking sticks on his leg, it is totally different vibe but I also love that one too.