Friday, August 10, 2012

Bestest Most Gorgeous Tortured Awesome Music from The Airborne Toxic Event, Perfection, or I Hope You Know This Will Go Down On Your Permanent Record, by Allison

So for a while now, The Airborne Toxic Event's "Sometime Around Midnight" has been on my go-to list for songs that are fantastic, rip me up in that I can totally feel and see and taste the whole scene they are so vividly creating, the slow buildup to his angst, the girl who knows exactly what she is doing to him, cannot say enough about how much I looooove that song, plus it was my introduction to this most excellent band.

 That I am desperate to see live, please? Must use superpowers on that.

Anyway, not only is that song AWESOME, but they are also doing acoustic versions of their stuff as well as covers of great songs and putting videos of that out there for me to obsess over for a long time leading me to be late and not get stuff done. But I don't care, is worth it. And, as my justification, there are violins and stand up basses and all sorts of string instruments so I can say I am learning more about my girls' instruments while totally fangirl squeeing out over these songs.

 Also, they did a cover of Violent Femmes' "Kiss Off," which zaps me back to high school and riding around with nowhere to go and driving downtown to look at the tall buildings and that freedom. Plus is awesome song. And I am obsessed, cannot help it.

Also, I am benevolent benefactor, and sharing "Sometime Around Midnight" and the video is very cool, plus "you just have to see her, you know that she'll break you in two," so perfect.

Next their acoustic version of their song "All For A Woman," because it is amazing, and sigh, to be the muse to this kind of songwriting.

And finally their "Kiss Off" cover, which is badass and lovely and nostalgic but not dated at the same time.

 You're welcome.

Sometime Around Midnight, aka my gateway drug into this fantastic band

All For A Woman ,Acoustic Bombastic Live version, please can I be there then?

And yay, whee yay awesome, acoustic cover of Violent Femme's "Kiss Off" High School Allison and Current Allison Are FANS of this version, filmed in a kitchen, PS WE LOVE YOU CALL US