Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Car Dancing and Gym and Super Awesome Fun Music, Musicians and Videos Approved by Allison and M the six year old stylist

So car ride to gym this morning with M the six year old stylist was most excellent car dancing fiesta, she is fantastic car dancing buddy and we agree on songs that require you to stay in car and continue dancing even when you get to wherever you are going.  And today one of our all-time Mommy and M car dance songs was on, Young The Giant's "My Body." That song is awesome, and we've had it on our Dance Party List long enough now that we've got a whole thing choreographed for it. Plus, M is huge fan of the band's drummer, even though I very specifically point out the taller, darker haired guy with guitar who is awesome and possibly broody, she likes the drummer, which is probably why Matt is getting her a drum set for her birthday, so she will not need to seek out drummers. (Note: She is six, and not aspiring groupie, she is aspiring Queen of Huge Kingdom and Editor of Vogue, but music education is important for children, that is officially true)

Anyway, loong lead up to us at gym, dancing to great song, and I made calculated and dumb decision to continue the car dancing, thereby making me late for boot camp class with very scary and strict but great but still scary trainer. Mid-dance, I tell M I am probably going to get in trouble and have to do something awful for being late, and she wisely advises me to think of the song when doing the awful thing, great advice because I did have to run 5 laps and do pushups and that song was a fantastic song to have in mind, so divine intervention? I say Yes.

(The answer is No, the answer is really "Allison turn the car off and go in and stop car dancing and you will not be late and will not have to do extra laps and pushups," but I cannot abide by that answer because M and I were having fun, and it IS good song to run to, so I change my mind and the answer is Yes again.)

Anyway: Young The Giant, "My Body," Seal of Approval by Allison and M the six year old stylist:

First is official video which is great, and Second is them live at Bonnaroo this year, and I would like to request someone with time machine come by so I can go back in time for this year's Bonnaroo because it looks awesome, also the band sounds great live with this song and also I love live music and also there is crowd surfing!
 (Note: I do not count it as full-on crowd surfing because security assisted, so does not totally count, and while lodging complaints not enough of the guitarist who is tall and awesome, in case official complaints are being filed, otherwise, is great and yay!)