Tuesday, August 14, 2012

But I Can't, And I Won't, But I Might, Plus Pinatas!!! Sleeper Agent is Awesome, by Allison

Ok, so am trying to rally for organizing and stuff I hate, so am listening to songs that get me all thrashy dancy.
And Sleeper Agent's "Get It Daddy" is FAB. FAB. So good. And I decided this before I saw the video, that is extra fantastic, because it features:

1. Awesome lead singer girl who is super cool

2. I am seeing a dark haired, broody type, floppy haired guitarist? Wait, he also sings? Huh. Gold Star on that.

3. Pinatas!!!!

4. Pinatas being hacked up with various implements such as baseball bats, axes, chainsaws, and butcher knives.

Why, you may ask, am I fond of pinata assault?

Good question!

Here is why: Every so often, when you have several daughters who have birthdays yearly (Sigh, is tedious) in which they want pinatas involved, the pinata is made by the DEVIL. 

Cannot be destructed without weapons of mass destruction.

And just try explaining to 47 (Note: Yes, that was my own folly, it was my first kid, I learned my lesson) kids sitting politely after watching the Sugarplum Fairy do her pas de deux (Don't ask, I went off the rails on kids' birthday parties before I realized I should NOT DO THAT) why V's dad has to take a giant BUTCHER KNIFE to the pinata, and then run outside with it really fast because candy plus that many kids equals What In The HELL Were We Thinking.

Some pinatas lure you in with the promise of, pull string, candy falls, we're cool, all good. LIES. Get the hacksaw out, just saying.

Anyhoo, that was special bonus of this awesome song's video. Lots of ingredients all together makes it extra super Allison Approved.

Sleeper Agent's "Get It Daddy"