Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gorgeous Angsty Romantic Song, Scottish Brooding Musician Morning Song That Turned Into Mid-Day Song Because I Keep Listening To It, Many Of Horror, by Allison

For some reason, probably because I love this song, this song has been on loop in my head today. Is by Scottish band Biffy Clyro (Which? by the way, is why you should not name your band after a long night out drinking.  It may seem funny and random at 3 am, but if you have to explain it from then on, will get old.  My advice, if you are needing a name for your band, and you are good band, you may call yourselves Allison Is Awesome. Just a suggestion.)

Anyway, their song "Many Of Horror" is one of my faves, and I think it is gorgeous love song, but my interpretation of what is a gorgeous love song has been questioned by others.

 (Note: I totally think Jay-Z's "99 Problems" is not only awesome song, but is love song too, because? He's got 99 problems, but (redacted word meaning significant other in this context) ain't one. Hit it. I love that song.)

I digress (shock!). But "Many of Horror" is gorgeous and angsty and broody and did I mention they were Scottish? That is kind of like British, but surlier, which is awesome. And it took me forever to track this song down after I heard it the first time a few years ago, because I could not understand their name at all (Again, do NOT name your band something nonsensical because it makes you laugh after 10 pints one night) and I thought the song was called "When We Collide," for some reason, otherwise known as, that is what it sounds like it should be called based on the lyrics.

And since I am too lazy to google or investigate, I had to wait for my magical superpowers to kick in so that I could be informed of the correct song name and band name. And then, yay whee hurray, massive listening commenced.

And still does, when the mood hits me.  "I'll take the bruise, I know you're worth it?" Sigh.  Cannot brood in more angsty glory. "Our broken fairytale, so hard to hide, I still believe it's you and me 'til the end of time." Seriously, killing me with that stuff.

Am attaching live version (have I mentioned how much I love live music? Only a billion times? Must make sure to clarify that point - I LOOOVE live music) of the band performing super sigh song at T in the Park.  Is great.

And because I love this song when it is quiet and still and thick, here is the band singing it stripped down and peacefully non-peaceful.