Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lesson in Music by Allison, Greatly Enhanced By My 6 Year Old

So I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE music and since I am the car, driving kids around or going to their violin lessons or the gym or Starbucks, I get to listen to music a lot. Which is awesome and makes the driving around stuff a lot more entertaining. But when the girls are with me, there is a sliding scale of Mommy Approved and What They Will Not Yell About.  Right now, we all agree on "Some Nights" by fun., which is my favorite on that album and is super excellent car dancing material.

 M, my 6 year old, and I were having a lovely little dance to this excellent song, and she says, "Mommy, this sounds like the "We Are Young" people, but if they were in The Lion King." And I am all, huh. She is totally, totally right in the best way. I mean, spot on. I'm like, "M, you are so right, how cool to put that together," and I briefly do a Lesson in Music, since she just gave me one, and talked about how I liked that they made these songs that sound really huge and anthemy, bombastic even, but it doesn't seem like they are taking themselves seriously in a "we're teaching you a lesson while this music swells and important things are sung about", it has a different vibe.

Plus, M is right, "Some Nights" does sound like The Lion King music. So I'm all, yay M! And she's all "Let's have a show!" We have costumes from recent recital, plus eleventy million stuffed animals, we are now in the midst of staging a "Some Nights" as interpreted by Allison and M as tribute to The Lion King performance. Which I am totally not going to video, but I am posting fun. singing the song live, partially because I LOOOOVE live music and concert vibes and also some have said the lead singer is autotuned, but you can tell in the live clip he can sing.

I am also attaching the official video, in case anyone doesn't like concert footage (Matt is one of them, and I think he is insane), the video kind of throws my "we don't take ourselves seriously" case out of whack, since it is a Civil War battle video, but I am interpreting it as an acknowledgement that they sound anthemy and playing around with that. That is my story, I'm sticking to it. The video is cool, but not really a thing to show a younger kid, so it is not on the roster of videos the girls and I watch during Let's Hang Out With Mommy And Her iPad Time.