Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Love Song of Awesome, by The XX, or Prufrock and Mermaids Are Being Summoned By This Band's Excellent Excellence, by Allison, with assist from Matt

So have been dying to write about the XX for a while, their songs germinate in my head, in a both spooky and lovely way. I get a very Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock T.S. Eliot thing from them, not sure why that is, but it delights me in both fab and sad ways.

And have been thinking about them and then fab yay whee, Matt and I are in same room at same time and while he is fanboy-ing over the various Gibson guitars and Fender this and that, I am all, I like the music and lyrics, is the thing for me.

But, as he humors me as I fly places to see bands and he is cool with that, plus he is also actual person who plays music (usually bass guitar, also acoustic guitar when pitching woo, I am sucker for that) was fun to listen to the XX together and pick fave song to share.

And  I loooove what they do and new stuff is coming and yay whee awesome I am getting myself there when they tour, wherever there is.  And am such fan of melodic, shimmery female vocals and grounding but haunting male vocals, plus awesome music, they are badass, or so I say, and I decided and since I am Decider of What Is Awesome, it is so.
PS: Here are thoughts of Matt, and though I normally do not even tell him I am blogging until he gets grief at work for hiring glue huffing handyman who is NOT handy, he actually has thoughts on this music so here you go:

Matt on the XX:

Bare minimal sounds, playing and singing only what is necessary.
strumming a few rythmic chords and bending a few single notes.
not afraid to use the silent breaks to punctuate the message.

Back to Allison. Am fan.  Love all their stuff, but choosing VCR as most excellentest representation of their supreme whispery yet solid awesomeness.