Sunday, August 12, 2012

Accordian? Check. Trumpet? Check. Drumming on a HazMat Barrel?, Check. Awesome?, Check. , Mountain Sounds by Of Monsters for Men, by Allison

So I have been squee yay whee-ing about this band, Of Monsters for Men, for a while, and posted "Little Talks," which was the first song of theirs I had heard, some time ago. And I continue to love that song and have quite the car dance routine choreographed, and it is one of the songs that I will sit in the car and listen to even if I have already arrived at my destination.
Is fab song.

 Know why? Is FAB BAND.

 Listening to their stuff is fun and lifting and cool and I love it times a majillion.
And then this, this acoustic performance of "Mountain Sound" backstage at the Sasquatch Festival (Which? Is best name for music festival ever.) is just so good.
They are on a cold (you can tell) hill, playing this great song, with lovely lyrics, and they are live, no backing track, and get this: Trumpet, accordian, and the drummer is playing on a Hazardous Materials Barrel, or so it seems to me, so I say it is.
And perfectly awesome singing, music, all of it is a total whee yay except why wasn't I there and whoever with the time machine, let's add this to our list of stuff we are going to go check out.

Of Monsters and Men, "Mountain Sound," backstage at Sasquatch Music Festival earlier this year. Is awesome.