Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Musical Summoning Superpowers at Work, or New Mumford and Sons Song! Yay! by Allison

More Proof that I have Superpowers:
Last night, was having a little music fest listening to The Lumineers, who are awesome. And lo and behold! I have summoned up even more awesome, Mumford and Sons just released a song, "I Will Wait," from their album coming out in September. New Mumford and Sons! Whee! Yay! It is of course, a great song, and I shall listen a whole bunch to it.

And because I am nothing if not a generous soul, also am attaching footage of them playing "I Will Wait" in Toronto.  There are a few videos of versions of this song live on YouTube, I am posting the least jiggly.  Is awesome.