Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Cannot Love This Band Any More, Is Not Possible, or Totally Gorgeous, Golden Songs from The Lumineers, by Allison

I cannot process how much I love this band. Like, crazy amounts of supreme whee yay man I wish I could do that type love. If I can't put it into words, that may mean no words exist. I'd buy that, actually, because they are so golden and sparkle and rich and raw and beautiful and give me a break stop being so good, there may not be an actual word.

Have been fan ever since I heard them, and not to brag (Note: I am actually going to shriek with glee a whole lot before, during, and after) but I am going to Austin City Limits Festival in October, which speaking of cannot process, trying to pick who to see when in the GIANT FESTIVAL OF AWESOME will be hardest thing, and that is a nice problem to have, and The Lumineers will be there, and I will be there too! Losing my mind.

And since they are not only fantabulously great, there are lots of string instruments (I am going off my ear here, too lazy to google, I hear mandolin, violin, cello, plus also piano) which is cool because I can totally say I am educating the girls in string music since they all play violin when I put the Lumineers music on repeat and act like loon.

Top song of squee yay whee can I please go back in time and be in this video plus I LOVE THIS SONG is "Ho Hey." Which is just a fantastic song, you must listen to it now. If I have to be bossy about it, I will. Listen to this song! Is good for you. Plus cool and badass and lovely and fun and real all at the same time.  But don't go away, after commercial break (not really, no commercials, no one paying me for commercial time, HINT HINT Tide to Go people, get on that) another awesome to the majillionth, "Stubborn Love," video filmed on a bus in Portland, all of which sounds amazing in theory and guess what? (Spoiler!!) It IS amazing in reality. Totally listen, you can thank me later.

So The Lumineers, "Ho, Hey" video which is awesome, followed by "Stubborn Love," also awesome. I am just handing over ten tons of awesome, out of the goodness of my heart, because that's the kind of (bossy, opinionated, obsessed with music, can't stop talking or writing, but it is ok since I am RIGHT about this) person I am.  Oh, Addendum!!! Thanks to my super cool music friend P, here is link to download their stuff for free!