About Me and Why I Want an Intern


Welcome to I Want An Intern, a blog created because I like writing a lot, I have so much to say!

About a lot of things!

Things mostly of importance to only me,  but I am self-declared Decider of What is Awesome (In this fantasy world I am also Boss of Everyone, Enchantress, and Queen)

 In actual life I am married to a fantastic guy who is nicer than me and has great floppy hair, I have three cool daughters who are fun and interesting except for when they are not.

 Law school and  ad agency work have prepared me well for my current career in child wrangling, gym classes, tea consuming, Girl Scout Troop leader, and of course, Decider of What Is Awesome. I also may or may not be a ninja and/or a witch, but I can't really talk about that.

In my daily life, I do a lap consisting of: gym (car dancing to good music on the way, sometimes even sitting in the car in the parking lot continuing if song is really good even though that will get me in trouble with boot camp trainer), Starbucks (Three Trenta Unsweetened Iced Green Teas, One Trenta Unsweetened Passion Tea, I am like tea drug pusher, I have friends hooked now)

Then, violin lessons for my girls (V, E, and M) to which I may or may not get pulled for speeding so I can be on time because I have to go home in between Starbucks and violin to shower and dress in approved fashions in order to appear at school or face the wrath of whatever girl it is that is having the lesson, I am fine with that as I don't want to go on with my day in gross gym clothes, even cute LuluLemon ones are For Gym Only, more car dancing to music along the way, and then the necessary errands and other things having little to do with any class I ever took, except for the following useful ones:

 1. Typing, 11th grade. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for making me take that class, I did win the award that year, because the teacher let me type notes (this was Ye Olden Days when that was all I had other than scratching messages on tree bark until I got home to my phone) after I did my work.

 2. However many Government and Philosophy classes I took in college that had me repeatedly read The Art of War, The Republic, and other essential parenting tools, way better than What To Expect While You're Expecting for sure.

3. Negotiations in law school - that one is super helpful, especially with my middle daughter E, Extreme Communicator, Writer of Documents, and Needer of the Last Word.

I also very much like to go see bands, listen to and give Lessons on Music because I am pretty sure I have really good taste in music (I also think the entire world thinks they know what music is good, but they are mistaken, it is me who knows what is awesome) and I read compulsively and have been known to have panic attacks when my Kindle is not within 2 feet of me.

Oh, and the the blog's name?

Is because I totally want an intern.

Ever since I saw that Seinfeld with Kramer getting a college intern for his made-up company I have been plotting for how to get an intern for myself. I think I could so write up a college internship that might seem like an actual thing. I would like an entire entourage wearing black discreet outfits with clipboards and earbuds following me around, but am fine with starting with an intern.