Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Am Just Living To Be Lying By Your Side, A Lullaby, xxoo, by Allison

A Lullaby, by Allison

So maybe my favorite song of ever is "Moonlight Mile," Rolling Stones, off of Sticky Fingers album. Love it eleventy billion times over.

And on top of that, one of my favoritest bands, The Cowboy Junkies, music of my youth, soul-feeding, gorgeous, vulnerable, please can I sing like her please, covers this most awesome song.

Know how I know this?  Because I am lucky.

Am lucky.

Because my smart, kind, dashing, owner of righteously floppy hair, funny, generous, and also annoyingly nice and all plus helps people and humors me in all my nonsense husband, Matt, road tripped with me on a weeknight after being smart doctor person all day, and maybe 2 years ago, not sure, we went to see Cowboy Junkies, as I love them, and he knows this.

And I did not know they covered "Moonlight Mile," not sure my brain would have processed that if I had known ahead of time, but at this show, the guitar twangs, I freak out like I am known to do times a jillion as I LOVE THIS SONG PLUS ALSO I LOVE THIS BAND, and Matt gets it, smiles at me, and does not pretend not to know me because I am acting like fangirl squee lunatic.

He is happy that I am happy.

And I am happy.

Was then, and also am now, thinking of it.

Because I am lucky. Was nice in a former life or something.

And for some reason, am thinking of that tonight, this is my lullaby.

And I shall add to the list, along with "puts up with ridiculous cardboard cutout silliness," " does not hide when I stage flash mobs in front of everyone we know at swim banquets and makes him hold cue card lyrics," "does not judge me for reading my Kindle in line at Disney World and crying as it was sad book," "indulges and encourages my music obsessions," "is great dancer," "did I mention the hair?", and "makes all my High School Allison, Whenever Else Allison Pretend True Loves Look Like Junior Varsity" and could go on but it might get nauseating. So, xxoo.

Like they wrote it and sang it way better than me, I am just living to be lying by your side.