Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Little Afternoon Musical Awesomeness To Brighten Your Day, Otherwise Known As Me Super Happy And Obnoxiously Bragging About Going To Their Show Tonight, MuteMath's "Spotlight," whee yay, by Allison

So, whee, yay, tra la la, in between assorted Girl Scouting and Important Planning for upcoming AWESOME music festival fun trip extravaganza,

(Which?  Note: The "essential" guidelines for said festival are totally cribbed from the Y2K preparations for Armageddon websites. I am not toting giant backpack full of garbage bags and bacterial spray and toilet paper. I am totally good with Tide to Go and Neutrogena Makeup Wipes.
My friend and I decided that we've had to wing it at both music shows and kid wrangling in various locales long enough that we can make do with less than humongous piles of stuff, and this may be total folly on our parts and we will be wishing for garbage bags and Neosporin, but I stand by the makeup wipes as cure-all)

I am actually going to MORE music tonight!!!

(Note: This is because other than birthday parties for my kids or my fab friends and husband, the only thing I can organize is long lists of shows I want to see.)

Tonight, we are roadtripping to see Civil Twilight and MuteMath in cool, old movie theater venue, and I am super excited.

Why, you may ask?

And I may say, Do you remember me and the liking of the vampire movies?

And you may say, Of course, you are irrational about them and have a cardboard vampire in your home.
(NOTE: IT WAS A GIFT, and he scares away bad guys and the girls like to dress him up)

And I may say, True, but also: Those movies have really good soundtracks. Like, good, mixtape of various great stuff, from cool bands, I heart them.

And I am willing to go out on a limb, not willing to jump off the limb, nor do I want to do that, or ever jump off limb, just for clarification  --  But I will say, I have not heard such coolness overall in soundtracks since my beloved John Hughes soundtrack years, in which I wore out many a Pretty In Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful and Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller tape.

I mean sure, other soundtracks are cool: your Dazed and Confused has a vibe, Moulin Rouge if you are feeling campy and theatrical and FAB, all good.

And no one can top the John Hughes ones, which he selected himself and Narcissist Allison Then and Now believes were specially made just for me, thanks for Psychedelic Furs, The Smiths, Echo and The Bunnymen, etc, John Hughes, RIP! You were badass.

But it is true, the Twilight soundtracks are good.
My favorite Florence and the Machine song ("Heavy" it is sooo good), Thom Yorke, Band of Skulls, Dead Weather, my first exposure to the righteous glory of The Black Keys, is treasure trove.

And song that first grabbed me, and made me buy soundtrack and then make playlists and annoy the world with my amazing thoughts on this subject, was MuteMath's "Spotlight."
Which, having done my research like any good deranged fan, they merged several of their songs together, to create tapestry of AWESOME.

And I have been dying to see them live, as like their other stuff too, especially "Blood Pressure."

And yay, whee, only a few more hours of grocery and plotting for various things and child management stands in between me and MuteMath, live, hurray!!!!

So as a little happy bon mot before hunting and gathering for the residents of my household continues, here is MuteMath with "Spotlight." No sparkly vampires in the video, sorry (or, if you are not a fan, you are welcome)