Saturday, February 9, 2013

So No One Told Me There Was A Car Dancing Olympics! I Have My Routine All Figured Out, Thanks To This Song, by Allison

So I was leaving the gym today, in a mood because I am having a huge fight with my iPod, and it is proving to be a dastardly opponent.

But the radio gods came through for me, with "Harlem" by New Politics. I am obsessed with that song right now.

And hearing it prompts, like orange level 5 def con hurricane warning type car dancing. It cannot be helped. Mandatory.

And I am having my huge rock out car dance, and at a stoplight, I hear a honk next to me, and I am afraid I missed the light due to car dancing yet again.

But no, was not that. It was a passenger in the car holding up a piece of paper, 8.9 was written on it.

I was all wha? And they were laughing, and then I realize they are scoring my car dancing, like I am an ice skater or on Dancing With The Stars (Note: was not wearing sequins and mesh and Insane Clown Makeup)

I did not realize that was a thing, Car Dancing Olympics.

Someone should have told me. Ralph Lauren designs the Olympic outfits, you know.

I am totally going to start training for it immediately, although I kind of have been hardcore training amateur status car dancer since ever, so I have a head start.

And I was thinking 8.9 is not bad (oh, I hope they were using a 10 scale and not 100) for not realizing I was in the Car Dancing Olympics. I can add flourishes, details, I will work on that.

Thanks, Car Dancing Olympics Judges! You totally justified the nonsense I do anyway, and if Car Dancing Olympics becomes a huge thing, I am trademarking and want credit.

As evidence of why I was 8.9 car dancing, I submit "Harlem" by New Politics. Video not out yet, but no need for video, you can't watch it as you thrash around joyfully.