Monday, January 14, 2013

What? No, Sorry, Am Busy Dancing. Or, Most Deliciously Fun I Cannot Stop With The Yay Music, by Allison

So right now I cannot stop playing this song and dancing around like lunatic (Spoiler!! But not as lunatic as the girl in the yellow jeans in the video) to Robert DeLong's song Global Concepts.

I may have been hypnotized by it and am in a trance. I'll buy that, as it is deliciously most excellent electronic/drum rave-up.  Awesome addition to add to my playlist of "What? Sorry, can't hear you, dancing right now, no, not turning it down, am busy with the joy and fun and all."

And I may or may not have (Spoiler!! I totally did) blared it really loud last night while dancing around until my children requested that I stop because they were trying to go to bed.
(Note: Don't be alarmed, do not call child protective services, it was early, they were just using that as an excuse to escape their rooms and not go to bed)

And I may or may not (Spoiler!! Totally going to) obsessively listen to this nonstop as much as I can because, it is good for me. Why? So many reasons.

To name a few:

First, dancing is cardio.

Second, dancing is fun.

Third, dancing to awesome songs is extra fun.

 Fourth, music soothes the savage beast, that is like a proven thing. (Note: savage, maybe, beast is metaphorical term here, fyi)

 Fifth, again, is excellent song. I dare you to sit still when listening to it.
 Double dare.

And finally, because I really want to and again, it is fab.

As always, I am benevolent benefactor:

Robert DeLong's "Global Concepts"