Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OOH! I Have Discovered An Excellent New Way To Procrastinate! Or, So I'm Making A Mixtape . . . by Allison

So, I am not sure if this is the world's best procrastination attempt ever, but it might be.

No, not me writing ramblings on my VERY IMPORTANT BLOG.
That is serious business, says me.

No, not plotting the next several months of concerts to attend, with stars ranking.
That is crucial arts education, and attempt at organizing something, which is a step up from my usual organizing nothing.

No, not having dance party complete with tutus with M the seven year old stylist.
That is cardio and mommy-daughter time. Plus tutus are awesome.

Not re-reading books about Tudor England or sparkly vampires.

Am making a mixtape.

Actually, that was the original goal.
A mixtape, which of course is not actually in tape form anymore, but is still mixtape in my heart.

A mixtape for my group of childhood friends, because:
1. They are awesome
2. I am procrastinating.

And get this?
The edit button I don't have when writing?
Or talking?
Or emailing?
Or anything else I like to do instead of stuff I don't want to do?

Also nonexistent when making my mixtape.

Which kind of grew, slowly and then exponentionally, until now it is four mixtapes.

Based upon each season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
I had to have some sort of grouping or theme, or else it would become The Mixtape Otherwise Known As Every Song I Like Ever.
And there are a lot of those.

And I'm having some trouble with the liner notes.
I can't just, like, name the song and band.

That doesn't explain why I picked each song for these particular group of friends, why I love it for what reason (or reasons), why it fits with the insane Seasons Theme I settled upon, and my general thoughts on each and every thing.

I do not like word limitations, and this applies to "what song is this and who sings it."  That is just the starting point of my nonsense.

I am like, 99 percent done with the song selection and season assignment.

I am like, really not at all done with the liner notes.
That are not lines, or notes.
More like, novellas in stream of consciousness style jibber jabber.

That I write late at night when it seems SUPER IMPORTANT that I do this, or when I can sneakily put on headphones and not hear the screaming/negotiating/melodrama/drums from my various children.

Is best procrastination device ever, because everybody in this house likes the eventual recipients of this (these) mixtape(s).  They are all for gifting these great people with stuff.
I am working for the good.
Am saint-like, really.

And is not a surprise to these members of my house, and probably not to the eventual recipients either,  that these mixtapes require bibliography and footnotes and essay-length analysis of invented music musings as thought up by me.

No official knowledge base other than compulsive music listening and my pretend job of Decider of What Is Awesome, Here Is Why.

And just as I delude myself into thinking that the giant wall of text email regarding the Valentine's Day party for the 1st grade will be read in its entirety by those who receive it and they are not horrified/overwhelmed/what is wrong with her? at the sight of my lack of ability to edit,
I will conjure up the
(Note: This is my conjuring, not saying it is going to happen, but I hope they lie and say it in fact happens)
delighted faces of my friends when the mailman brings out the dolly loader and wheels up the huge box containing my mixtape.

Must get back to the extremely fun procrastination invention.
I may make mixtapes for everybody I have ever met.
Sorry if it requires two delivery guys to lift them.