Sunday, January 27, 2013

You Want Me To Change? Or, Nice Try With The Mommy Loves This Song Distraction, But Still. By Allison

So, no secret that I force music upon my girls at all available moments.
We are all cool with that, or at least I am, so whatever.

And am currently so into the song "Change" by Churchill, because:

1. It is awesome, like kind of retro 60's girl band song mixed with badassery of excellent righteous indignance song plus just flat out is super good.

2. It is fab, as well.

3. I love it.

4. All of the above.

And the girls also love it, because they are smart girls or else have realized pretend agreement with me is easiest way to escape.
I say the former.
Especially M the seven year old stylist, because the song is totally in her mind giving her permission to switch up outfits ten times a day.

Attempts by me to explain that is not exactly what the song is about falls on deaf, or ignoring me, ears.
And "You can't wear the gold lame bolero jacket to the gym" gets response of "You want me to change, change, change?"

And I am torn between saying "Yes, I do want you to change, that is an absurd outfit for the gym" and rushing to iPod to play excellent song because I love it.

A conundrum.

So, gold lame bolero on the seven year old, but with most fab background music.

Because this is just excellent song and excellent band. Also I am distracted by shiny things.

Churchill's "Change," I dare you not to love it give it gold star A plus.