Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some Can Take It Or Leave It, But I Don't Want To Let It Go, Or Just Right For Long Weekend Fun Music, by Allison

So am having quite the little rock out chair dance to this song, it has been stuck in my head for a few days nonstop.
Am guessing that is because my brain thinks it is awesome.
Guess why?
It IS awesome.

American Authors, band from Brooklyn, "Believer," is cheery but not chipper, happy but not silly, fun but not trite, yay whee love it song. Kind of an upbeat listing of personal flaws that acknowledges and embraces them, and somehow is both stylized and has a banjo, so that is a cool combination of cool.

Plus there is clapping!

I love clapping in songs, because I can clap.

I cannot sing, really at all, or do most of the things musicians do (although am practicing thwacking a tambourine with a tied up bunch of rags like the singer in Royal Teeth, she is cool and that looks like a whole lot of fun), so clapping or stomping is helpful in my overall car dancing or such.

And since it is a lovely long weekend, this song has the vibe I am going for. Some can take it or leave it, but I don't want to let it go? I totally am down with that.

Am sharing the video for the song, and since as always I am benevolent benefactor, I am also including a live acoustic version, which is impressive because the original song has some kind of a reverb thing going on with the vocals, and hearing it unplugged is like, free gift with purchase, extra awesome.

American Authors "Believer," shot roaming around New York:


And the live acoustic version, performed on A-sides at a music conservatory:

Am fan. Gold star, yay, whee, hurray, and all sorts of other superlatives.