Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Proof I Have Superpowers, Vol. XXI: How You Like Me Now?, by Allison

So I have no idea if this is actually Vol. XXI of my theories of Proof I Have Superpowers, and since this is baby blog (newborn! so little! don't you want to knit it a sweater?) I would have to like, scroll through a bunch of FB posts and emails to count the exact number of reasons I Have Superpowers. But the latest one, kind of a winding story (shock!), is related to super-fab dance-funk whee-yay must-dance song, "How You Like Me Now," by The Heavy. Has been out for several years now, but when we play it at home or it comes on radio, it is all - ok, stop, time to bust a move, we can resume whatever we were doing later.

 For some reason (which was probably me doing something cool for one of the girls and then saying, "So, how you like me now?" and then dancing around, which I tend to do) this song was totally in my head yesterday and I wanted to hear it, but in car I leave it up to the satellite radio gods to determine what comes at us.

 And much like when I wore a plaid shirt and then magically made it 1991 and Soundgarden released new music, yesterday am driving to girls' swim meet and lo and behold, My Superpower summoned forth . . . How You  Like Me Now!!????!!!! Ha! Have Superpowers. And for your listening/viewing enjoyment, here is the official video for The Heavy's "How You Like Me Now," complete with random animation and woods and delightful awesome great song.  You're Welcome.