Saturday, July 28, 2012

Contemplative Excellent Intense Perfect Music, by Allison

Ok, so this is not super happy fun yay summer song, except for the fact that I totally love this song and it is exactly what I am into listening to right now, on repeat, a whole lot. I love it when music can reach whatever it is you need it to reach and either express what you can't or fill you up or make you dance or whatever, I love that.  And today, I am all about Broken Bottles by Silversun Pickups, this song came out this winter and how I so so love the lyrics and the song itself is fantabulous in a majillion ways, but right now the lyrics are getting me.  I am complete and total Silversun Pickups fangirl and if you can ever see them live, totally go, and right now am extra loving them because this song is clicking right in where I need it to, both thrashy dancy and soothing balm.