Sunday, June 24, 2012

So you think you can car dance, a journey, by Allison

So I shall share the four separate car dancing incidents in which I have been busted in a single morning, in descending order of embarrassment:

 4. Arriving at gym, medium level car dancing, witnessed by several people at the gym (Song: Young the Giant, "My Body")

 3. In my car before leaving gym, enough of a level of car dancing that I could not drive while doing it, witnessed by more people at gym including several who laughed (Song: White Stripes, "Doorbell", couldn't help myself, hadn't heard it in a while)

 2. Dropping off violin at school, witnessed by students who attend my daughters' schools, I hope none of them know that I am associated with my children to spare them humiliation at the ridiculous level of car dancing (Song: Beastie Boys "Sabotage", so you have to cut me some slack, who would not car dance?), and top honors go to

1. Sitting in front of Starbucks, doing my full on, hand waving, hair tossing, pretend microphone extra dramatic sing-along to "Someone Like You." Most embarrassing because I realize getting worked up over that song is a total cliche, but yet I cannot stop myself.

 Plus everybody in the Starbucks saw the whole thing, and I really hope some other crazy person does something even weirder in front of each of those people during the day so they will forget what they saw me doing. I will now try to find a how-to-stop-car-dancing guide and this is one of the many reasons I could totally use an intern.