Sunday, June 24, 2012

No, You Can't Wear That, a durge: by Allison

 I need to send the girls to a school with uniforms, as clothing negotiations with three girls is like an international peace treaty during a war, every morning.

First, there is the Shorts Conundrum, in which they want to wear shorts (which is why they check the weather daily and why I put the Sloth on the Road up to entertain them) year round and I say no during winter or ice storms and they protest.

Subset of this is the no-exercise shorts to school rule, unless they are running track or something. Second is the Appropriate Shirt Issue, involving tense conversations over what is or isn't considered a T shirt.

Third is the Shoe Dilemma, in which I try to make whichever of them have PE wear sneakers, funny in that I have a very anti-sneaker bias and have had to overcome this in order to work out at the gym, but my kids seem to think flip flops are ok at all times and the subset of that is the Is it a Tacky Flip Flop fight.

If I am lucky, that is all until Coat War, where I chase them with coats that they insist they do not need. I used to be all smocked dresses and hairbows and matching outfits and they've beaten me down to, do you look like a hobo? If not, pass go.