Friday, February 14, 2014

Pop Quiz, Canine Kitchen Edition: Lazy or Total Genius? by Allison


Is it
A. Ethically Uncool

B. Lazy

C. Ambiguously Indeterminable

D. Short-sighted

E. Ingenious

F. You Do What You Gotta Do

G. No quiz should have a G, I am terrible at multiple choice

H. Other

To discover I have kept a crock pot of black bean soup on overnight,
forming formidable task involving soaking/.scrubbing/
other things I don't want to do -

And to decide my best choice of action is to make sure it isn't scalding,
then put the whole pot on the kitchen floor,
for the good dog and the bad dog to deal with?

Does it help my case that:

1. It was organic

2. Also vegan

3. The dogs seemed pleased with this task

4.  I am lazy?

For once in my life I may be glad for no essay answers for this pop quiz.