Friday, May 3, 2013

Sigh. Beloved, Gorgeously Angsty And Beautifully Soulful Music. From Ridiculously Fantastic Band I Love! Perfect Bliss, The Airborne Toxic Event, "Timeless," by Allison

So, I make no secret that I am totally, beyond obsessed with the band The Airborne Toxic Event.
Why, you may ask?
And I may say: Short version or long version?

Short version: I love this band, they are fantastic.
But I don’t do short versions. Bor-ing.
So the long version is:
They rule.
Their twisty, painfully tortured with emotion, gorgeously rip-you-up music is majestically, perfectly exactly right.

My introduction to Why I Am Now Obsessed With The Airborne Toxic Event was their song "Sometime Around Midnight."
That song is heartbreak made visceral, pinning down the sad, the hurt, the loss, in a way that makes it beautiful. 

They capture a snowflake, in a blizzard of unfulfilled wishes and tarnished hearts, and made it a prism, where we all can see our own version of this story through those melting words of sadness and heartbreak, building to a fever pitch.
I love this song because it is a sucker punch. 
You know exactly what he’s singing about -  watching the one you love, the one who has crushed you  - parade nonchalantly on purpose to torture you with her new plaything.
Because she knows it will work. 
Flick of hair, twirl of drink, cat-eyed slinky gaze meant to rip him up.
This band is super fab, can go acoustic with stand-up bass ,or in a kitchen covering Violent Femmes. Plus strings,  am partial to them because strings add such richness. Best cover of Bob Dylan's "Boots of Spanish Leather", ever ever.
But their plugged-in, coming at you is sublime. 
When they do the whole “Sometime Around Midnight” with all the instruments and sounds, is divine.
Divine torture, but divine.
The buildup, not the typical verse /chorus /verse/ chorus /bridge /chorus construction, but a build, both his voice, all of the instruments, they get frenzied until boiling point of his agony. 
I could go on. I did, in fact, a bit ago,(
including plea to please please more music?
And please please come do a show somewhere I can get to?

And as more Proof I Have Superpowers, tra la la, whee and yay, get this!

1. New music!
And it is fantastic, exactly just yes please.

"Timeless," newly released off of new album "Some Hot Blood," rules.
The gorgeous, lush lyrics.
The textured layering of his voice, the instruments, the swoon-worthy chorus.

I am a Fan.
And am as always a benevolent benefactor:
Is fabulous, right??????
2. They are touring!
They are coming someplace I can get to!
Next week! 
I am beyond over the moon excited squee yay whee hurray.
Shall commence glutting myself in the gorgeous, angsty glory of The Airborne Toxic Event endlessly until then.