Friday, March 1, 2013

You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'? How About A Fab Band Of Three Sisters Who Rule???? Am Obsessed, Haim's "Forever", by Allison

So, I do not need any encouragement to fixate on a song or a band or music, I am all set with my own natural obsessive behavior on those fronts.

But give me a break here, with Haim, a group of three cool sisters:

 I have three cool daughters. My own musical abilities stop at: Appreciation, Fixation, Will Make Wall of Fandom For Floppy Haired British Tall Brooders.
But my girls actually make music, even this young they have a variety of skill sets with their violins, plus guitar, bass, and drums, lyricist has her third journal going so far. 
Matt is also guitar and bass player and understands what is going on with the violin lessons for the last six years.
 I am more of, I know I like it if I like it, but do not ask me which is the A string, I am composing an Ode in my head instead.)

Clearly, the three sisters in a band together is completely fab and I love that, but what is most fab is this:

This band RULES.

Somehow they have a funk/groove bass line piece that sounds like the coolest of smooth Michael Jackson "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" strumming/Stevie Wonder 1970's vibe, with also layered sound and lyrics that evoke Fleetwood Mac in their glory.  With smoky to shimmery vocals, weaving in and out.

"Forever," the song in which I am currently obsessed with, has such layered, textured awesomeness.
All of the long-standing, bone-deep knowledge these girls have of each other and how they complement and play off of each other, is featured in full force.

Is ridiculously great, regardless of the three sisters thing.

But that makes it extra cool to me, or at least justifies my 7 year old's drum kit by her bed, and I am totally into a dream in which my girls stay close and supportive of each other as they grow up and/or form a kickass band.

Plus, the "Forever" video has clips of them as kids mixed in with them jamming in their living room with kid portraits around, plus bicycles, and and a dance medley in an old-school beauty parlor.

That there, is like, heaven perfection. Seriously awesome band, super talented, and cool and chic in an insouciant way, I give them gold star. A plus. Yay and whees, and more please.

"Forever," by Haim