Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lorde, Possibly Only 16 Year Old Who Could Pull Off The Slither And Cool Fabulous , Does That Count On College Applications? by Allison

So as I chair dance wearing my giant purple headphones, listening to the slinky, slithery cool song "Royals" by Lorde,
 I realize there is a slight drawback to endless awesome chair dance:

1. I am getting nothing else done, but that has never stopped me before.

2. But get this?

Awesome song from Lorde?

She is 16.

3. I am kind of totally shocked by that.

Her eyeliner is an impressive cat-eye, hard to do, it takes practice.

Also, she has awesome hair.

But most of all,, the music?

The singing?
 "You can call me queen bee, let me live that fantasy?"

The song and vibe?

4.I mean, sure,
I got my driver's license, and took AP exams, and worked at The Gap when I was 16.

Those are all super fabulous things, of course.
Forensics Team.
Had to make sure my college application was properly overfilled.

That took up most of my time, and I can totally fold a sweater in Gap-approved method and got into college -

5. But still.

Making records at 15, in New Zealand?

With the swagger she's got?

Her own sound, not auto-tuned or on a sub-par animated movie soundtrack?

That is badass.

Am fan.

And "Royals" isn't a one-off, either.

"Tennis Court" is also excellent - and she pulls a Bambi/Florence + The Machine/Stylish Alien Singing Precociously thing fabulously.

"I fall apart with all my heart
And you can watch from your window"

I love that.

Lorde "Royals"
And Lorde, "Tennis Court"\
And Lorde As A Parenting Tool Because Song  Lyrics Are Better Than Anything Else I know: