Friday, August 30, 2013

How Am I Going To Be An Optimist About This? My New Mantra, Courtesy of Awesome Band Bastille! Pompeii, Song and Solution, by Allison

So it is a known fact that I am an Eternal Optimist.

(Note: That is a TOTAL lie. I am more a believer in pretend superpowers, voodoo, and am not sunshine-type at all. 
And optimistic seems very sunny weather, no rain - I don't like to be told to smile or frolic in sunshine throwing Frisbee or such.) 

(Also Note: Not only am I skeptic on the optimist thing,
but the "Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?" question as arbiter of whether I am a positive thinking, optimist type?
Please!  That is the worst question ever.
The answer totally depends:
What is in the glass???
That makes a difference, you know.)

So I grapple with my internal ornery, obstinate nature when tasked with forced enthusiasm or cheery outlook.

A conundrum, because I am not gloomy Eeyore type - I love rain! It does not make me talk in monotone, and I am not a mule or donkey or whatever.

But I can't sign on to contract of attrition eternity agreement to be Yay, Go Team Go.

So I consult the authorities, otherwise known as alternative indie bands.

And hurray!!

Problem solved.

I can pick and choose when to be shiny, happy person.

I know this, because awesome indie band Bastille says so, in their fabulous song "Pompeii."

First of all, Pompeii, site in Italy of ancient civilization turned to ash, is a romantic touchstone for Matt and me. 
Instant destruction is very romantic, n'est-ce pas?

Matt and I were both Classics minors, way back in Ye Olden Days (Not as Olden as Classics!!! I am still very, very young.)
We didn't know each other then, and that is the only cross-pollination of our education (I am very pro-essay question, he is a fan of multiple choice)
- but we are both fans of old stuff, even cooler if it is in Italy.

And our honeymoon, which ruled, was in Italy, and included both the glowy "Lady and the Tramp" (Note: I am Lady in this scenario) pasta scenes and gorgeous lovely Italian loveliness,
and also Pompeii.

We both took a class on Pompeii!
And are nerds!
And Matt had a theory that went something like (Note: Matt is humoring me with remembering what his logic was on this, so I am quoting him directly like a proper investigative journalist) "we are making an eternal promise to each other and punctuating that promise with a visit to a place that was time capsuled for an eternity would be right."

I didn't totally remember the details on that, I think I was thinking of the wine and loveliness parts.

But we did go to Pompeii, and have gone back, and taken the girls, because, again, Italy!
Also we are nerds.

But that does not explain my a la carte enthusiasm mantra, as decreed by alternative band Bastille.

Their song "Pompeii" does reference Pompeii, and also allegorical personal challenges, and is an excellent song -

And I love the song for eleventy reasons, but mostly because I have a new mantra:

"How am I going to be an optimist about this?"

I love that! I can pick what to be cheerful about! Yay!
Most things are less taxing than instant doom courtesy of Mount Vesuvius, but I am prone to exaggeration anyway.

I love this song, the vibe, lyrics - "I was left to my own devices, many days fell away with nothing to show . . ." - sing it, brother.

But my most favorite part - the chorus "How am I going to be an optimist about this?" - is my new mantra.

Because I love the notion, however fleeting, that I get to like what I like.

And if I have to talk myself into being Yay Whee about Forms! or whatever thing I build up into a giant yuck,
I like to have my indie band mantra to listen to on my giant purple headphones while I figure out how to be an optimist about it.

As always, am benevolent benefactor:

Bastille's "Pompeii"