Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reason Number 4,6752 Why I Cannot Finish Making My Mixtape: Cool Chill Awesome Fabulosity Vibe Must Be Added! Cayucas, Love This Band, by Allison

So I am not in want of a thing to encourage my procrastination/feed my insatiable music quest, am set for the next billion years on that.
But don't the greeting card people say you get what you want when you aren't looking for it?
Or is that a thing your friends tell you when they get married and you are not married yet?

It might be both.

Either way, it has nothing to do with what I am fixated on right now.

As I am STILL working on my endless mixtape for my friends, which is mostly done but I just could not officially let myself say it was done, what to my wondering ears should appear?

(Spoiler!!! Not Santa and tiny reindeer. Is better,  A NEW FAB SONG.)

New music!
Whee yay tra la la.
And, See?
Procrastination pays off.
Now my endless mixtape is longer and better!

Validation for Procrastination!

What song? You may ask.

And I may and will say, prepare for the extremely cool fabulosity.

The band is Cayucas, and it is modern beachy?
Is that a phrase or do I sound like a Realtor?
Is not dated, is what I am saying, and also many Realtors may say that, but this is a song, not a house, and I am not a Realtor.

I am, however, as one of my pretend jobs, a Decider Of What Is Awesome, and this is easy:

"High School Lover," by Cayucas, Is AWESOME.

Has a laid-back vibe, so kind of, let's hang out somewhere cool, and hope a magic band appears to play a bonfire/summer crush type song that rules.

And then they do appear!

And all is well, I love bedtime stories.

But this is for real, this band is crazy good and I am having quite a chill and yay time procrastinating to their extra cool music.

And I will totally get back to procrastinating now.

"High School Lover," Cayucas