Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wicked, Twisty, Stormy Music, Am Obsessed, The Neigbhourhood's "Female Robbery" , Am Obsessed, by Allison

Well, I am not sure what kind of twisty, malevolent, strange wind is coming type of mood I am in right now, on this Saturday morning, post-gym.

I will say this, though, it is NOT a cheery skippy whee yay mood.
I am blaming it on the fact that it is still sunny and hot and I am getting deranged from the non-rain and non-gloom and have started divining out the rainy, stormy things in the world as soothing balm.

So on that note, I have been obsessing over this spooky, excellent, wicked song by The Neighbourhood, "Female Robbery." Is awesome, sneaky, dark, and not at all sunny or cheerful.
"Leave everything that is worth a single cent and just take me instead?" It is creepy and wicked and cool.

And I just watched the video and it is either excerpts from some 1940's film noir or styled that way, I can't tell and am too lazy to google, and it doesn't matter, because either way, it is totally, snakily fantastic.

And now am on constant repeat, my version of a rain dance.

But whether you are as desperate for a thunderstorm as I am or not, check out this song, this band, they are cool, and I am fixated on them right now.

The Neighbourhood's "Female Robbery" 
Ug, addendum: the video I posted is no longer viewable in US, not sure why, but here is the song, is so fabulously twisty cool and sneaky good:

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