Monday, September 3, 2012

Life Tastes Sweeter When Awesome Friend Comes To Town, Plus Am Now Forcing Perfect Twisty Song As Theme Song So She Will Stop With The John Denver, or Jump Into The Fog, by Allison

So, fun friend CC is back, so soon after I visited her for Most Excellentest Duran Duran Concert Yay It Was Not Cancelled PS They Are Awesome, she is using Casa Allison as stopping place on some sort of journey she is taking with her insanely ludicrous pug doggie.

And even though Responsible Things have to happen, and are happening, such as V getting ready for 6th grade camping trip (with LIST, I kept my fear in check) and V and E dressing in lovely manner taken to and fro Junior Assembly. Also fed, all that good stuff.

And like little wicked red devil on my shoulder, CC, who does NOT have to pack for her pug to go on a camping trip or put sheer stockings and white gloves on the pug for Junior Assembly, is all, let's make that delicious Sword of the Giant! Where are the yearbooks? What trouble can we cause?

So Matt, trusty well behaving person, will make sure alls well that ends well, V, E, and M will not get hijacked into any nonsense.

But as I am trying to force my music on CC, as she is trying to make me listen to Linda Ronstadt (and I had to ask spelling on last name, although I DID have the 8 track of her Greatest Hits, and am not anti-Linda Ronstadt, I am just more pro-Wombats song I want her to listen to so we can stop fighting about politics, which shows you the NERD level of trouble we are engaged in, fighting over music and politics) so I am silencing her (figuratively, she is now singing) and am posting a song I LOOOOVE, with lyrics that are fab and twisty, Wombats Jump Into The Fog, because "life tastes sweeter when it's wrapped in debauchery"
(Note: NERD debauchery. No need to call the authorities. )

But here is awesome Wombats Jump Into The Fog, because she is now trying to play "You Light Up My Life" on her phone and that has to STOP.