Thursday, July 4, 2013

He Won't Know What You Put In His Cornflakes? Or, "The Mess," Indeed, by Allison

Ok, so I am making a mixtape.

This is a chronic thing now, apparently.

I am always using this self-assigned assignment as a most excellent procrastination tool/chance to wear my giant purple headphones.

But tonight, I am cracking myself up, making a mindlessly delightful (to me and I hope to the recipients as well, that is goal anyway)
thing I am calling Summer of No Math.

My work in progress is named Summer of No Math because I started the mix with The Dolls "Summer of 93"  -- that was supremely awesome summer for me, summer of most excellent cross country trip ever, and I am seeing those friends very soon, and the mixtape muse struck.

But then? 
I did math (Specifically: What year is it? What year was that? Oh. Nevermind.)
And got bummed out.

So, no math.

Apparently I am now going to have to cross the verbal part of the SATS off of my mixtape as well.

Because I was putting Kid Astray's "The Mess" on, and I was having a fab chair dance, I love this song, but I realize I totally, completely am not solid on the lyrics.

In fact, what I am singing makes no sense at all.

I have come up with "He won't know what you put in his Cornflakes."

That seems way off.
And then I am thinking they are counting in German, and something something.
I have no idea.

So I reluctantly try to find out what the lyrics actually are -
I hate to do this, it feels like cheating - but I can't go around singing about Cornflakes unless I am sure I should be singing about Cornflakes.

Well, I was waaay off.

Like, the Universe saying "Go To Bed, Allison, You Are Melting From The Heat, Nobody Is Singing About Cornflakes."

I am not sure how I got from what they were singing to what I decided they were singing, but I cannot deny the Universe has a point.

I will extract myself from my excellent procrastination and headphones in just a minute before I totally get other songs completely wrong.

After I get the next ten songs I picked out squared away, I will totally stop this.

And as a goodnight, here's Kid Astray, "The Mess."  Not about Cornflakes.