Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ridiculously Sick Good, Killer Awesomeness, Cool Retro But Not Stale, Instead Gritty And Chic, I Know, Is Miracle!, An Ode To The Neighbourhood, by Allison

So, in between trying to de-mud/rain/sun/hay/etc my clothes from Most Excellentest Music Festival trip, organize the girls' various things and such, I am getting totally distracted listening to The Neighbourhood, again, on repeat, is impossible not to stop and dance around and oops, an hour has gone by.

Is not my fault.

Totally not my fault.

 I realize I have waxed poetic about this fab band, and their song "Female Robbery" (am obsessed with that song, like, is hypnotically awesome) here:

And also waxed more poetically (? Is that a phrase? A thing? If not, I am saying it is anyway) about seeing them live a few weeks ago and then getting into duel at dawn type situation with some of their fans who objected to me discussing The Neighbourhood's awesomeness out loud, for fear of other people hearing about them?
Because then they'd get all popular and it would not be a special secret anymore and the world would end?
Which?  Is nonsense, and I said so, not very succinctly as that is not in my skill set, here:

So you may think I would have exhausted my (Granted, humongous) pile of adjectives, adverbs, exclamation points, all the tools in my arsenal re: The Neighbourhood is awesome.

But you would be wrong!!!!

First, I have never ending arsenal of word and word-type things. Is true, you can ask Matt. Or anyone who had to read my papers in school from first grade on. Or has received an email from me on a very simple topic that turns into a wall of text that NO one will read even if they lie and say they did.

But also, I have NEW information!!!

New information otherwise known as: Irrational Allison, just back from giant trip to gigantic music festival involving plane trips, much walking, standing in downpour holding spot for fab bands for hours, enduring doofuses (Note: But all with the excellent company of K the Best Music Friend Ever, so it was total fun the whole time even kind of the starvation/wet mud part)  --  the Allison that should be asleep, is instead on immediate road trip (only car involved, no planes, whew) with Matt to see The Neighbourhood live, again.

Because they are too fantastic to miss if they are anywhere nearby, and I am counting crossing state borders as nearby in this situation if need be. So we are there, with bells on (figuratively), early even (!!!!)

And they were fabulous, killer, badass, ridiculous good. Am fan. They get like, eleventy gold stars. And then!!!!!
We get to hang out, chat, discuss my obsession, whatever, with the band after the show! As they are loading up for Brooklyn, they are cool enough to talk, listen to me ramble, and prove they are super nice and chill and fab as well as awesome band.

I have proof!!!
Me! And The Neighbourhood guys, who are both excellent and awesome. Is true.
So in summation, as this is totally legally valid argument that will hold up in court, band is awesome, and as bonus, since I am very, very kind and generous, check out their excellent song "Sweater Weather."
Is a great song, and in homage I have been wearing big chunky sweater I got in Ireland today, and it is way too hot to be wearing it, but I am paying homage, so sweater weather it is. It is Autumn, it is supposed to be sweater weather anyway, thanks a lot, global warming.
The Neighborhood's Sweater Weather, yet another cool, retro yet not stale, tres chic video:
Plus Fabulous Whee Yay Update And Interview!! :