Saturday, October 11, 2014

As You Wish? I Totally Wished!! And Now Princess Bride Behind The Scenes Book? Happy Birthday To Me, by Allison

Um, in case it is still up for debate?
Which it shouldn't be,
considering my Exhibits A-Z  Infinity Plus?

On Proof I have Superpowers?

I have more proof!!

Please note that for the record.
Whatever record, if there is such a thing.

If there is not such a thing?
There should totally be a thing.
And I want credit.

Last year for my birthday
(Or because that is when the book was published.
But I choose to believe it was for my birthday,
and I am always right. )

One Mr. John Taylor of Duran Duran wrote his autobiography.
Which was super cool of him to do, for my birthday and all.

And what a glorious, nostalgic,
without being stale,
or past its shelf life book -

It could have gone wrong in so many ways,
and it did not!

Which is a perfect birthday present for me,

And now?

As we enter the Season Allison and M
(my youngest daughter and also Advocate of Autumn)
declare as Celebration Of Us,
And Also The Clothes Are Better?

I have another birthday
(Note: But I am still very, very young) -

And what do my wondering eyes should appear?

(Spoiler!!! Not Santa and tiny reindeer. Different season.)

Another book totally aimed at the target audience of me.

(And great timing, by the way.
Because my Kindle,
or Matt's Fraudulent Second Deranged Kindle,
is misbehaving.
So I need an actual book.)

As You Wish,
behind the scenes of the making of The Princess Bride?

Written by Cary Elwes ?
(Dreamy Wesley With Excellent Hair,
Dread Pirate Roberts, Mostly Dead, True Love, etc?)

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

I do not yet own this book ,
but the lovely emergency shipping people are working on that right now.

And since I finally got my girls to watch The Princess Bride,
which was a top parenting goal of mine,
yay to check that off of my non-list?

And they love it too?

Maybe it will be family heirloom.

I really hope it is good,
if it sucks that would totally suck.

I have a good feeling about this, though.

And since it magically appeared at my birthday?

Totally proof I have superpowers, just saying.