Monday, September 8, 2014

Wait, What? I'm In A Good Mood? On Monday? How Did That Happen? The Adventures Of RainDance Allison.

So this morning, Monday morning, I am in a delightful and cheerful mood.

Because this Monday,
the day when our calendar is lit up like a Christmas tree with events,
and volleyball,
and Girl Scouts,
and dance,
and more dance,
and where to be when?
With which girl?
Wearing what? 
And where do I park?

That part of the Christmas tree calendar?
That's just the afternoon.
The morning part of the Festively Futile calendar is the special,
Just For Me part.

Which on Mondays?


My Monday mornings are wretched.

And not because I don't like Mondays,
I actually like Mondays a whole bunch -
 the kids get dropped off at school,
and they stay there!
It's Trash Pickup Day,
meaning I don't have to play Trash Tetris,
 trying to fit the detritus of our lives into proper receptacles!

What's not to love?

Oh, yeah.
The Doom part.

In which I willingly subject myself to :
Very Terrible Hard Awful Overly Long Spin class,
followed by?
 Oww, Are You Stabbing Me? Barre class.

Both with same Gleefully Sadistic, Maniacal Gym Instructor.
Who Is Also Excellent Friend But Sometimes, Especially Mondays,
I Think Or Say Very Bad Things To Her.

So that's the Doom part of my day.
And normally I dread it like I dread the sun and owls.

But I am in a good mood today?

I had to think of why.

Isn't that pathetic that I had to actually stop,
and figure out why I was NOT grumpy?

My default mode should be something slightly more aspirational than grumpy.

Insouciant, maybe?
Zen calm?
Filled with kindness for all of the universe?

I will work on that.

But I did figure out why I am in such a good mood.

It's raining!!!

I love rain.
Love love love.
It makes things sparkly, it makes the sun go away,
 it sounds lovely,
and I feel no pressure to be outside gardening or playing tennis.
(Note: I never do either of those things anyway,
 but rain makes them less possible.
I am totally Team Rain.)

Also I love trench coats, and I get to wear them in the rain!

Also, I have Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder.

And the sound of rain right now is like a promise from Rain to Me -

 "Don't Go Insane Over The Heat, Allison.
I've Got This Summer Thing On Its Last Legs.
Go Play With Your Trench Coats While I Fix This For You."

Yes, I realize that it may sound like I am insane already, since I am having conversations with rain.
I'm fine with that.

And since I am in SUCH a good mood,
and also kind of procrastinating on getting myself to the gym,
although I have to be on time,
 or I will get a bad spin bike away from the fans,
and die,
and not get to enjoy the rest of the rainy day.
 The two hours after gym before Light Up Calendar Afternoon.
But still.
Better than the hot.)

My good mood is a benevolent benefactor!
It made a playlist for the End Of Summer Residue Washing Away.
I call it:

Sticky, Not Stuck Playlist, by Allison

1.Left Hand Free, alt-J
2. Take Me To Church, Hozier
3. Seasons, Future Islands
4. Stolen Dance, Milky Chance
5. Come and Get It Bae, Pharrell
6. My Song 5, Haim
7. Waves, Sleeper Agent
8. Rent I Pay, Spoon
9. Silhouettes, Colony House
10. Riptide, Vance Joy

I'd add more, but I will suffer for it.
Happy Rain Day!