Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells - No NO, not those Sleigh Bells - THESE Sleigh Bells. They are way better, and Santa Should Take Notes. "You Don't Get Me Twice," by Allison

So, it appears Christmas music during our lovely Christmas Eve dinner drove the entire family mad.

It happens.
There were some very bad interpretations of good songs,
and some bad interpretations of bad songs.

And we all had a lovely festive time making fun of awful songs,
but then, I hear Sleigh Bells, the song.
Sung by Neil Diamond.


In search of an auditory cleanse after that,
I seek out the actual band Sleigh Bells,

1. They rule

2. I heart them

3. They do not sound like Neil Diamond or any other Neils

4. Their song "You Don't Get Me Twice" is fab

5. I have made that song the slightly off-kilter version of Santa commands You Better Be Nice.

It kind of fits, anyway.

I would imagine if Santa could make room on his sled,
with the righteous whisper and wail of Sleigh Bells,
he'd get gain more traction than the empty threat of
"You Better Be Good, You Better Be Nice, I'm Making A List, Checking It Twice."

I probably have List Phobia because of those Santa images with long, endless lists.
I can't focus on who is nice or naughty,
I just want away from endless lists,
and then checking them again?

Ug. No way.

I am fairly sure Sleigh Bells could sort things out,
without a list,
and it would be best use of Sleighs or Bells ever.

You Don't Get Me Twice?

That is hardcore, and Santa should use that.

I certainly am totally making it my theme song, as Santa's helper in this house.

You Don't Get Him Twice.

Love, let me tell you a story -
That's your hard advice.

I love this song.

Plus, there's a loophole!!!
I love loopholes.

Because, maybe?
Maybe if you ask me nice . .

Yay for Sleigh Bells.

Merry Christmas Eve!!  "You Don't Get Me Twice" by Sleigh Bells, official audio, which rules:
And extra bonus because I am in a fabulous mood now, a ridiculously good live version. Dear Santa, Can I see Sleigh Bells live this year? I will ask nicely, promise: