Saturday, November 2, 2013

Traffic Snarls, Downpours, Creepy Trucks. But The Whole Wide World Is Whistling! A Catalyst For Awesome, NONONO, by Allison

So yesterday,
I was in the car for a LONG time, and for part of that time I was stuck in crazy downpours,
yuk highway traffic stoppages, and several wrecks -
it was super lame.

For the first part of the trip, I had the girls with me,
and it was one of those trips where nobody was bickering, or electronic gadget zombie.
We got to have those random, spontaneous conversations that are silly nonsense -
ephemeral, fragile bubbles of fabulous.

I love those.
Non-bickering, non-zombie, funny kids?

Plus the music was fab.

And a hilarious silly conversation punctuated by great music?
That makes treacherous driving way more fun.

Mute Math song on.
E goes, "Wonder if they thought of calling themselves Silent Science?"

I laugh.

M offers up: "Asleep Art? Quiet Quiz?"

E: "Shushed Spanish? Bashful Biology?"

Me: "AntiSocial Studies?" 

We are all giggling away,
plus note for the record,
I was encouraging vocabulary expansion, alliteration,
and did I mention no bickering?
With a cool soundtrack?

That part of the trip ruled.

The other part, when I was solo,
in the worst of the downpours,
and traffic seeming to be Giant Trucks Only,
including a truck with a cooler in the back, with a bloody mannequin hand sticking out?

I know it was just Halloween, but it was gross just the same.

That part of the trip was no fun and I was pouting and grumpy.

But do not worry!

The Music Gods saved me again!!!

Super in love with the song "Pumpin Blood" by NONONO.

And it is excellent car dancing song,
but I couldn't really full-on car dance while holding steering wheel in death grip and trying not to get smooshed -

But it cheered me up just the same.

Why, you may ask?

And I may answer:

Because it is awesome, it rules, it is cheery, and there is whistling!

I cannot whistle, so I am always impressed when whistling happens,
unless it is from creepy construction workers when you are walking down the street.

This is the good kind of whistling.

And I love the lyrics, and the whole vibe -

If I were slightly more delusional and narcissistic than I already am, I'd think they wrote it just for me (Maybe they did!)

"You got the part, in the front seat/ You're the decider of the world that you will get to know . .
You're a catalyst to your own happiness, you know . . and the whole wide world is whistling . . ."

As I mentioned above, I am delusional, and take advice from the radio.
But that is nothing new.

I decide, while trying not to run off the road or get smooshed by creepy bloody mannequin truck,
I will be the catalyst to my own happiness and chill out.

Given the band's  name is NONONO,
I decided a cheery song with that band's name was suitably contrarian.

And therefore,
I could get on board with the "You can decide to see this traffic monsoon and mannequin truck nightmare as a ridiculous, weird experience, plus excellent music, instead of a lame and dangerous waste of an afternoon"
without feeling like Pollyanna.

I was able to be all whee yay tra la la for a bit -
I totally got pouty and grumpy again during yet another downpour/traffic snarl -
but still.


So, since I am benevolent benefactor, I'm including NONONO's "Pumpin Blood" studio official version, as well as acoustic version.
Since I am in such a good mood and all.

"Pumpin Blood," NONONO

and acoustic version:

Safe travels courtesy of Totally Excellent Awesomeness.