Saturday, October 12, 2013

Whee, Yay, Tra La La, Totally Excellent New Music From The Airborne Toxic Event, "Hell and Back," by Allison

So I make no secret of the fact that I love times a billion trillion The Airborne Toxic Event. I'm pretty sure I've written Odes to them and their super perfect, angsty ,beautiful, shredded, poetic badassery.
(I am right! I am always right, really.

Also seeing them live was so crazy good and I kept looking at Matt like, "Seriously? More awesome? Will you pick up my pieces if I explode with glee?"

Also, observe: (That is me. With Mikel of The Airborne Toxic Event, post show.  Post awesome show, as evidenced by my extreme glee.)

And am thinking that the music gods were like, totally pleased with me for making the trek to Bestest  Most Funnest Festival Ever With Bestest Music Friend K last week (Note: it ruled. I have lots of stories and heard lots of fab music and used lots of sunblock),
so they rewarded me with get this?
NEW music from The Airborne Toxic Event!

I did not expect such a lovely surprise, music gods. Many thanks.
New song "Hell and Back?"

Totally excellent and totally different from the sound I know and love, this song is more strummy, call and repeat, stomp song. I love it.

And as always, am benevolent benefactor, but this time I am also technologically challenged idiot benevolent benefactor because I can't make the video go where it is supposed to on this post. And I have no one to pester for help, so this rambling post is like, the opposite of the journalistic inverted pyramid?
Or is it actually a correct inverted pyramid and I don't normally write in proper journalistic fashion because why would I?
Shall ponder that as I listen to excellent song some more.