Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just Because I'm Growing Up (But Note: Am Still Very Very Young) Doesn't Mean I've Had Enough, or Happy Early Weekend Courtesy of Fab Music: Royal Teeth, "Wild" by Allison

So, I am supposed to be being productive right now, but I cannot do a thing except obsess over excellent music - shock, right?

This particular excellence is from Royal Teeth, a band from New Orleans (Note: I missed seeing them with my super beloved A Silent Film by like 3 days when Matt and I were in New Orleans recently, that was extremely unfortunate. So close, but yet so far . . )

I saw Royal Teeth at a fab music festival last fall, after hearing their song "Wild," I was totally curious to see what they were like live, because I figured it would be awesome.

And guess what?

I am a genius. I was right!

They are awesome.

K, Bestest Music Friend Ever and I were like "They are fab, so worth the melting hot sun and people using umbrellas improperly and rudely to see them play."

To me, they were this cool mix of talent and joie de vivre,  adding up to “We shall invent a thing and then do it super fabulously and you will like it!”
In my memory, and I think I am right because it was early in the day, there was a guy singing and playing seventeen instruments.
Also, other guys on drums and guitar and bass, was overload, trying to sort out which sound was coming from where -

And, for extra awsesome, the girl vocalist also played tambourine, by thwacking it with a bunch of rags. So very yes, please.

These guys are super cool, and the girl vocalist has an Emma Stone plus Betty Boop plus Gwen Stefani plus Blondie cool as hell vibe,  and was working the bright red hair and sailor suit thing masterfully. 
Thrashing at a tambourine with a ball of rags while singing, quite the stage presence.
Added to the insanely talented and busy guy vocalist/player of many instruments and the entire band ruling?
Extra triple yes, please.
And I love times eleventy their song "Wild."
Actually love everything I have heard them do, including acoustic "Heartbeats" cover.
But "Wild" was what drew me like moth to flame.
Is fantastic song, both dancy and thrashy and layered - and "Just because we're growing up, doesn't mean we've had enough?"
I think I need a bumper sticker, that is excellent (or at least, is my) mindset.

 Also “I believe that I can make you scream?”

That takes skill to pull off. 
Tip my hat to that.
AND, because as I repeatedly insist, I have Musical Summoning Superpowers, they are coming live near me soon!!!!
Touring with yay whee tra la la American Authors, of whom I have waxed poetic and am giant fan!! (Proof:
So as an amuse-bouche for your early weekend, here's Royal Teeth, "Wild." You're Welcome.